It’s Never Too Late, Right???

Eat better and exercise regularlyI spent yesterday with my husband at Toronto’s Harbourfront at the Tall Ship festival celebrating the anniversary of the War of 1812. At the end of our walking – and walking – and walking, including many stairs to see the interior of the ships, and then a long walk back to a restaurant for supper, my legs were rubber and my knees were in agony, as were my feet. After supper, my knees had locked up, my muscles had spasmed and I could barely walk to the train station (2 blocks) to catch my ride home.

It is time for me to be honest with myself. I need to get in shape.

I’ve never been a physically active person. In school, my favourite phys ed unit was archery. Because one really needs to move a lot in archery. Instead of playing outside, participating in sports or even going for a walk, I was happier to read a book, play school, watch TV.

My husband and I now have retirement plans that include more physical activity and require us to be strong and flexible. It is time to get serious about this.

Next year, I turn 55. (Yes, I know – hard to believe!) My publically stated goal: be fit and flexible by age 55. Eat better. Exercise several times a week. Be stronger, more flexible and able to handle the demands of our retirement plans.

Please join me on this journey. Offer encouragement, provide suggestions, cheer and celebrate and applaud. If you want to provide negative feedback, make fun of me or call me names and ridicule me, you can go away. Now.

Okay – who’s with me? Let’s get going! Because it’s never to late to start, right???


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