Taking Inventory

check listStep 1: Decide to make a change — done

Step 2: Describe the end result — done

Step 3: Figure out the current situation — read on

I labelled this as being a brutally honest blog about my goal, and now is the time for me to get brutally honest with myself.

I know what result I want by July 17, 2014. I need to look at where I am right now in order to map out a plan to get me there.

The Truth

1. I am lazy when it comes to physical activity. I would rather sit and read, or surf the internet, or poke myself with a fork.

2. I hate change. I know – some of you find this hard to believe. I can deal with change, but I don’t go looking for it.

3, I like to eat. Junk food. Sugar. Caffeine. I like them. Carbs? Absolutely! Snack foods? Of course! Stuff that is bad for me? Oh yeah!

4. I am lazy when it comes to eating properly. I’d rather grab the bag of Cheetos than peel a carrot. (They’re both orange – does that count??)

5. I don’t eat enough veggies and fruits. You’d think that would be an easy way to eat – after all, what is simpler than grabbing an apple or peeling a banana?

6. I have very low will power. Which will surprise some people as well, because with other things, I’m tenacious and determined.

What that Looks Like

1. I have a big gut. When I sit, it sits on my lap. It is uncomfortable. My clothes sometimes feel uncomfortable. I don’t tuck in shirts when I wear jeans.

2. My arms are floppy. They are very weak. I can’t even do one push up.

3. I can barely bend one knee and the other knee is just over 90°. I know this is because of the arthritis, but I also know that if my muscles were stronger and I stretched more, they’d function better. That also means that I can’t do lunges or kicks.

4. My ankles are also bad. Also because of the arthritis. I have almost no flexibility in them, and they always hurt. Actually, my whole foot hurts. Both of them. Always.

5. The rest of me is flabby. Butt, thighs, back – all of it. I don’t have a fat head. At least, I don’t think I do. And I hope others don’t think that as well.

What I Have Going For Me

I’m not a totally write-off. There are some things that I’m doing right and I can build on that.

1. In high school, I was a size 18 for a while. I learned that when I craved sugar, I really needed fruits and vegetables. Duh! I know it, but don’t act on that. This will change.

2. For years, I suffered from a respiratory problem. With the help of a naturopath several years ago, I got off dairy. After suffering for 15 years, I could breath properly after 3 days without dairy. I know it works. In the past couple of years, I’ve gotten back to eating dairy. I know I can get off it again, and I know that I will benefit from it.

3. I was also taken off potatoes and peanuts, to reduce the inflammation in my body. I have eaten an occasional bite of potato. My knees swell up like a … potato. I rarely crave them. And I haven’t had anything with peanuts for years. This tells me that I can stick to it!

4. When I’m being really good and staying off dairy, I use rice milk or almond milk. Most of our baking and cooking that calls for milk now use one of these instead.

5. I can be physically active. Recent proof: The event that caused me to make this decision. We walked for hours looking at the Tall Ships. I had fun. I enjoyed it. I felt great! Well, no – I didn’t. I felt great that I did it. My body felt terrible.

6. I have a sense of humour. I think I’m going to need it for this journey.

7. I have support. My husband understands why I am doing this and will support me. I have friends that will cheer me on. I hope I meet new friends through this blog that will add to those cheers.

8. I’m strong enough to tell the non-supporters to take a hike. I hope that I’ll be doing more hiking than the non-supporters, because I hope that I don’t encounter many of those types of people.

That’s where I stand right now. I’ve been posting for a few days in a row. I’m going to switch to less frequent posts. Those will include check ins, inventory updates, struggles and challenges and celebrations of my successes. I hope you stick around for the ride.


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