Checkpoint – Week 1

Check PointIt has been one week since I decided things need to change. A quick status check:

Victories This Week

1. I have been drinking more water. I did drink water before, but not as much as I should. I still don’t drink as much as I should, but four glasses a day is better than two. I can say that I’ve doubled my water intake.

2. I have reduced the amount of sugar I am eating. Reduced – not eliminated.

3. I am eating a lot more fresh veggies. I struggle with this, because my naturopath suggests I shouldn’t eat fresh ones, but I prefer them and usually feel a lot better when I do eat them.

4. I have eaten more fruit this week: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon. The amount I have eaten is more than I used to eat in a month.

5. I had two days where I made a great breakfast shake: rice milk, banana, green tea powder. One day I added strawberries. The other day, it was blueberries. Both days, I also had about 10 almonds. Both times, I had more energy in the morning and wasn’t hungry until lunch.

6. I tried changing how I sleep. Propped up with two pillows, with a third pillow supporting my knees. Sort of like the recovery position in yoga. The nights I did this (all but last night), I slept better and woke up feeling more rested and in less pain.

7. I am stretching more. Still not as much as I should, but I’d doing it more. I notice a bit less pain in my legs and lower back.

8. I went to the chiropractor this week. He put my ankles back together. They were causing a lot of problems with my knees. My ribs were adjusted as well. Although I have one that still feels out of place. Or is it again? I can’t tell.

Struggles This Week

1. Movie theatre popcorn tonight. Although I did eat far less that I normally would have. Lately, I just don’t enjoy it as much.

2. Coke. The second one I have had in several months. The first one was a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know why. I don’t often drink pop and don’t often want it. On several other occasions, when I was craving a pop (probably for the sugar), I reached for water instead. I actually had a can of ginger ale in my hand today, and put it back. Yay, me!

3. Very little walking. I took the dog out a few times. I didn’t do a lot partly because my ankles and knees were so sore. And partly because my husband had knee surgery this week, so I didn’t have a walking partner. And partly because I just didn’t.


Overall, a bit of progress. I believe in focusing on that progress and not beating myself up for the slips. Although I said that I’d be brutally honest. so I have had to include them as well.

Next week: more walking, more water, more of the good sleep that I need, more shakes, more fruit.


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