The Good (Week 2) and the Bad (Week 3)

good and badIt has been a busy week and a half, and I’m behind in my posts. So I’ll posts two weeks in one, even though I’m not totally done week #3.

Week 2 was a good week. I had lots of stress at work, and was being extra careful with how I was eating. Low glycemic bread (100% rye). I don’t particularly like the taste – I find it to be bitter. But I also know it is better for me. Lunches consisted of egg salad or tuna salad on one slice of bread. Lots of fresh veggies. Several servings of fruit during the day, including smoothies with banana, berries, macha and almond milk for breakfast several times that week. More water and walks around the neighbourhood several times during the week. We took shorter walks because David’s knee is still healing. Overall, I had more energy and was more focused.

Week 3 – not so much. I’m not going to dwell on the bad, but I need to be aware of it. And it isn’t really ‘bad’ – just not as good as the week before. I was running late most mornings, so didn’t get breakfasts at home as often. And the ones at work were eaten on the run and, yes, they weren’t as healthy. A few almonds. Some raisins. One day I did eat oatmeal. Lunches were okay. Three nights going straight from work to meetings to other commitments meant three nights of fast food on the run for supper. Three nights without walks. And to top it off, my ribs have been killing me. Something is really out of place, and it hurts to breath, sleep, sit, lie down. I can’t get to the chiropractor until Monday morning, so the word agony has been used a lot – as have a few others that I won’t repeat here. That has meant that my plan to start push ups has been delayed.

I’m getting two important messages from these two weeks.

1. Small steps are doable, and are working for me. It was easy to make the small changes, such as more drinking water, taking a walk in the evening, making healthier choices for lunch.

2. I will have setbacks, caused by busyness, physical problems, stress. That doesn’t mean that all is lost. I does mean that I can slip a bit – and then get back on track. It also means that the times I do stay on track help me deal with the setbacks.

All in all, after 3 weeks, I’m still ahead of where I started.


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