Not Succeeding Doesn’t Mean Failing

new_year_2014_1It has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on my blogs. They have been on my mind a lot, but time was used up by other commitments last year. Work got incredibly busy. I had neither time nor energy to keep up with these blogs. I had to focus on getting through the deadlines, the work, the stress. And in the midst of all the busyness of work, my husband and I decided to sell our house, buy a condo, downsize to one-third the size we were used to. I couldn’t focus on the organizing, house showings and moving. I left that to him. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about how I was ‘failing’ – failing in my goal, failing to stick to the plan, failing to show any progress. After the craziness was over and I had time to dedicate to my Fit by 55 goal, I realized that I hadn’t abandoned it. I had just shifted what part of the fitness goal I had focused on during this time.

I had better eating habits last year. Healthier choices. Wiser decisions. Even with a lot of overtime, I made sure I was home for supper. I drank more water. I ate less sugar. All of those choices helped me deal with the stress. I kept to a fairly regular bedtime. I was exhausted when I went to bed and exhausted when I work up, but I was making sure I was getting sleep. I made the choice to not work past 10:30 on any night. I didn’t do anything extra (like housework or moving preparations), but I made sure I was home on time.

We sold the house and moved. My time since the move has been trying to catch up with organization and downsizing I should have done before the move. I’ve been recycling, shredding, organizing. Making decisions about what I need to keep and what should go. The keepers are slowly being sorted and stored. My involvement in the project at work came to an end. I then spent time catching up with my new role that started while the project was taking up all my time and to which my transition was delayed. But I had many projects to get up to speed with for my new role. I was getting my new role in shape.

When things settled down, I started adding more fun into my day. I started reading for pleasure again. I started cross-stitching again. I took up card-making and treated myself to new tools and supplies. Because of the move, I could no longer just open the door to let the dog out into the back yard. I have to take her outside so that means that I’m walking more (although not so much since our crazy ice storm) and getting more fresh air.

My physical, get in shape, exercise more goals to get me Fit by 55 were put on hold last year. I realize now that I was getting fit in other ways. Eating habits. Organization. Simpler life-style. On reflection, all of these feed into this bigger goal. Things have now settled down and I can focus on the physical goals. now. Even though I wasn’t succeeding in those over the last few months, doesn’t mean that I failed. Here’s to even greater success in 2014!


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